Szkoła Podstawowa Thames British School | Piaseczno

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Szkoła Podstawowa Thames British School | Piaseczno Bobrowiec

Szkoła Podstawowa Thames British School | Piaseczno

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e-mail: piaseczno@thamesbritishschool.pl

Tel.: 508-399-732

Adres: ul. Mazowiecka 43, 05-502 Bobrowiec

Języki: język angielski język hiszpański

Our Piaseczno Campus is a well-equipped campus in a suburban location to the south of Warsaw and accepts pupils from Nursery (2 1/2 years) through to Year 9 (14 years)

This wonderful learning space offers a true breath of fresh air for all our students. Set amongst expansive green fields under big skies, the campus provides a multitude of opportunities for active outdoor learning and recreation. The suburbs of Piaseczno are approximately 30 minutes drive from the city centre, and the school is served by a dedicated bus service.

Our classrooms are bright and spacious and equipped with the latest whiteboard technology to serve teaching and learning needs. Staffed by a capable and experienced teaching team, and with a low student to teacher ratio, we are able to provide each learner with a truly individualised education. Our campus has a friendly, family like atmosphere, in which students can be challenged and encouraged to take risks in a nurturing environment."

For our youngest learners (Nursery and Reception class) we follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Throughout the rest of the school, from Year 1 up to Year 9, we follow the Cambridge program of learning (primary and lower secondary). We also ensure that all of the Polish Curriculum requirements are met in both our primary and secondary classes.

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