Szkoła Podstawowa Thames Britisch School | Wawelska

Szkoła Podstawowa Thames Britisch School | Wawelska Warszawa

Szkoła Podstawowa Thames Britisch School | Wawelska

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e-mail: wawelska@thamesbritishschool.pl

Tel.: (22) 822-15-75

Adres: ul. Wawelska 66/74, 02-034 Warszawa

Our Wawelska Campus is a stately building that houses our primary school and accepts pupils from Year 2 (6 years) to Year 6 (10 – 11 years).

Our Wawelska Campus is an ideal learning space which is situated within easy reach of the city centre of Warsaw but feels quite serene thanks to its well-placed locale opposite a park and cushioned by trees and bushes which hide the busy hustle and bustle of city life.

Our classrooms are bright and spacious and have the capacity to provide education to two classes within each year group of primary school. In addition to the spacious learning environment, we also have a newly refurbished indoor gym and outdoor play area as well as excellent study facilities such as our freshly stocked library and modern IT room. To make learning even more accessible for our students, we also have Macbooks and Ipads as well as interactive whiteboards.

The campus is also home to a cosy cafeteria and is a great place for students to eat lunch and socialise, whether this is a nutritious, tasty meal provided by our caterers, or a packed lunch prepared at home.

Our Wawelska campus comes equipped with CCTV cameras throughout, and this along with the campus’s security service, nurse's office and on-site psychologist, ensure that your child’s safety and well-being is provided for at all times.

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Wyniki z egzaminu ósmoklasisty 2021

Przedmiot śr. wynik osoby
język angielski 87.07% 28
matematyka 53.82% 11
język polski 51.91% 11

Porównanie wyników egzaminu ósmoklasisty 2021

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